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Fairness and Equality - everyone should be treated fairly and be free to learn without judgement.
Honesty and respect is at the core of how we do things and what we expect of one another.

Vision / Mission

Our vision for Greenwich Engineering and Medical School mirrors a passionate pledge to learning and recognition of the uniqueness of individual learners. Our aim is that, in partnership with families, our children will be happy, well rounded individuals who have a love of learning through which they achieve and progress. We believe in our method to nurture the talents of our students, to inspire and drive our students to reach their fullest potential. It is driven by our desire to offer the best possible education for our pupils in partnership with parents and the local community and in doing so, prepare them for a journey of a lifetime in their chosen paths. We aim:

  • To address the needs of each individual child working towards his/her full potential.
  • To ensure that our students develop the skills and experiences that gives them an edge in their chosen fields
  • To develop a sensitivity to the needs of both self and others; and develop awareness of moral, social and religious values.
  • To develop our student’s intellect and emotional resilience and prepare students for the next stage of their education and adult life.
  • To foster an enquiring mind, with the ability to question, choose, evaluate and argue rationally.
  • To provide an environment where children feel safe, happy and secure.

Greenwich Engineering and Medical School

Dear Parent/Carer,

I wish you a very warm welcome to Greenwich Medical & Engineering School; a 15-18 independent school with a focus on medicine and engineering pathways. GEMS is the first secondary institution of its kind to focus on these pathways. We are passionate about offering our students a focused, exciting, stimulating and rich curriculum.

Parents who choose GEMS for their children see the uniqueness of our academic and extra-curricular activities. We don’t just teach; we nurture extraordinary talents with the aim of creating leaders of tomorrow in the medical and engineering fields. We have built and will continue to build links within the Engineering and Medical organisations to provide experience, knowledge and insight for our students.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to reach their potential and work closely together to ensure that positive working relationships are formed at GEMS, not only between students and teachers but also between the school and home.

Our sincere thanks to all our partners who work hard to help us provide a rich curriculum and unique range of workshops, extra-curricular activities and work placements to give our students a real taste of what they can achieve in their respective fields. We are very excited to be part of their journey. We look forward to welcoming you to GEMS and encourage you to visit our school, take a tour, speak to staff and students and to see just how exciting Greenwich Medical & Engineering School can be.

Yours Faithfully,
Philip Onwuachi

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