About Us

Greenwich Engineering and Medical School is a private school set in a beautiful grade 2 listed building in the heart of Greenwich Borough (Woolwich).

The school is borne out of popular demand from parents whose children receive very high-quality education from our tuition provisions and wanted their children to stay on in full time education with us. We provide intensive secondary and post-secondary education for students in years 10 to 13. Many of our students aspire to a medical or engineering pathway.

We are specialists in the subjects our students need to pursue those pathways and we go above and beyond to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Parents rest assured that our small class sizes of 5-10 students provides an environment where the unique talent of each and every child is realised and nurtured.

We constantly review each student’s progress and adjust quickly by looking at barriers to their learning or provide additional learning time should they need it to get back on track.

Student success is a big priority for us, we work hard with our teachers who are passionate about what they do, they give 100% and are very effective in their delivery of the curriculum.

In turn, our students have a clear understanding of our expectations of them and we hold them accountable to their role in giving 100% too. The outcome of this is the amazing result our students achieve.
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