Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Geography, Physical Education, PSHE, RSE


Year 10

Year 11






Year 12

Year 13


AS - A levels

A2 - A levels

Students will

Receive support to help them with choices and continued support to help them with university applications. Be given extra support if necessary. Be challenged and pushed to achieve their best possible grades.

Parents will

Be informed about their child’s progression. Be confident that their child is getting a quality education. Be informed regularly about their child’s progress throughout the Year. Be sure that their child is receiving all the skills they need to succeed in the Future. Be ready to support their child’s learning.

Class room sizes and teaching groups

Year Group 10 - 11: 8 -10 students in each teaching group
Post - 16: 5 -10 students in each teaching group

Careers Information Advice and Guidance

Extra-curricular activities

Student council - to give our students a voice and give them an understanding how democracy works and opportunity to develop leadership
Medicine and Engineering workshops - to nurture and enrich student’s insight into their chosen paths
PE and sports - to promote healthy living

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