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We are still taking applications for Academic Year 2020/2021. Please contact our admissions team at or by phone on 020 8617 9116 for further information and to arrange a meeting.

We understand that these are very important decisions and we are happy to arrange further meetings to help you make a final decision.

GEMS Student Registration Form


Student’s Legal Name
Last school attended

If yes, please provide a copy of the order to the school.

Additional Student Information

Parent / Guardian Information

If yes, you must fill out a bus stop request form.

Emergency Contact

Please enter at least 2 emaergency contacts

will be granted access to the system’s electronic communications system which includes access to the Internet and Worldwide Web. This access is a privilege, not a right. They system may suspend or revoke a system user’s access upon violation of system policy and/or administrative regulations regarding acceptable use or upon written parental request to the school principal.

I further understand that the School will not publish my child’s individual photograph, video, and/or last name without my written permission.

Parent Email Address

permission to release student information.

All of the information given on this form is correct
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