Home / School Partnership

An effective education is based on a good relationship between home and school. It values the ability of both partners to work together to support the child. We firmly believe in this, and always encourage parents to take a full and active part in their child’s schooling.

When children start school, we ask parents to carefully read and sign our Home/School Partnership Agreement. It states our commitment to you and the commitment that we ask you to make for your child. It also asks children to take responsibility for what is expected of them to maximise their learning.

If parents wish to speak to their child’s class teacher we encourage this but would prefer an after school appointment as the beginning of the school day can be hectic. Any urgent messages can be passed on to the teacher by the school office.


Students are continually assessed. We monitor student behaviour and academics on an ongoing basis and update parents on how their child is doing each month with a report so that they can stay involved in their child's development.

In addition to the monthly reports, at the end of each academic year, each child will bring home a full written report. This will include information about the progress made and targets for the future.

Parents are offered two consultation evenings throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress in each subject. These normally take place around January and April, dates of which are announced nearer the time.

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